About CPAlead Advertising Network

CPAlead is a premier DSP and SSP real time bidding marketplace connecting advertisers with global traffic sources. Ideal for app developers, affiliate marketers, and ad networks, CPAlead offers flexible solutions for CPI, CPA, and CPC campaigns. Share links to any content and monetize through ad interactions that benefit both the link sharer and app developers.

We provide a comprehensive solution for publishers and advertisers, supporting a wide range of ad formats. Our platforms optimize each campaign for maximum efficiency and profitability, empowering partners to achieve their monetization and advertising goals with advanced targeting and analytics.

Our Mission

To connect mobile app developers and advertisers with a vast network of publishers and marketers, ensuring quality traffic and app installs. We aim to maximize monetization opportunities for our members, providing unparalleled value and maintaining our reputation as a top-ranked mobile ad network.

Our success stems from our commitment to community-driven development. We actively engage with our users and incorporate their feedback to constantly innovate and evolve our platform. This approach keeps us at the forefront of the advertising industry, continuously adapting to meet the diverse needs of our global user base.

Established in 2006, CPAlead has grown to over 2,600,000 members and paid out in excess of $100,000,000. We invite you to experience why we are the highest rated CPI network on platforms like Trust Pilot and Google Business.

Daily Payments

Our dedicated payment team ensures that members are paid daily without fail. Join us and start earning today with the assurance of prompt payments.


With payouts exceeding $100,000,000 to our diverse global membership, our reliable and consistent performance has earned us numerous accolades, including placement in the INC 500 list.

Referral Program

Refer a friend and earn a 5% bonus on their earnings. Grow your income as you help us expand our network.

Publisher Tools

Our platform is continuously updated with the latest tools and features, such as our Offer Wall, API, and SDKs, enabling effective monetization and management of your digital assets.

Self Serve Advertising

Integrate any CPI or CPA offer from external networks into CPAlead, or drive installs directly to your mobile app. Utilize our real-time bidding system to ensure cost-efficiency, paying only for concrete results like app installs or completed forms, aligning perfectly with your advertising goals.

Highest Reviewed Mobile Ad Network on:

2,600,000 members trust CPAlead for their CPI Mobile App Installs and CPA Lead Gen Offers. Start earning by promoting offers on social platforms like TikTok Ads, YouTube Ads, and more, or by sharing links that require ad interactions for access..