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  • P100

    P100 CPI Offer

    Updated Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 3:25 PM CDT

P100 offers personal financial accounts, debit cards, and bank transfers with a secure crypto experience, allowing users to take full control of their crypto assets through a self-custody wallet.
Move funds from your self-custodial wallet to the financial system, spend with the Mastercard debit card, and save up to 50% cashback on your transaction fees.

P100 Financial Services:
• Personal Euro accounts
• SEPA transfers & Debit card
• Instant peer-to-peer transfers between users
• Currency exchange
• Up to 50% cashback on your transaction fees

P100 Crypto Services:
• Self-custodial crypto wallet with unbeatable MPC technology
• Buy, sell, deposit, and swap various cryptocurrencies
• Multiple payment methods
• Open Blockchain transactions
• Place market and limit orders for buying or selling cryptocurrencies
• Instant zero-fee peer-to-peer transactions between users

P100 Points:
• Collect points and earn up to 20% cashback on all card transactions
• Unlock different fee plans and enjoy up to a 50% rebate on crypto fees

Sign up now to receive welcome bonuses worth up to 30 euros!

P100 Pay a Friend:
• Send crypto or fiat instantly to your friends at zero fees
• Receive crypto or fiat instantly from your friends at zero fees

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